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    time:2019-10-21 10:19:16

    1. The industry environment of color steel structure construction enterprise is a new type of enterprise. It is the inevitable result of construction industrialization and industrialization. In the industry classification, according to the concept of MEPortel, the fierce competition in an industry is rooted in its inherent economic structure and in an industry. There are five basic competitive forces. First, the threat of possible new entrants. At present, the development of color steel structure industry is very rapid. Because this industry is still in the stage of development and the entry cost is not high, many businesses have invested in this industry. New entrants will continue to increase competition among enterprises. Secondly, the pressure of substitute products. Color steel structure products are mainly used in factories and warehouses. They are good substitutes for concrete structures and grid structures. However, the products that can replace color steel structure products have not yet appeared. Therefore, the threat to the steel-bonded fabrication industry of color steel is relatively small, which is very beneficial to the industry's early morning. There are many factors affecting users'pressure, but the cost, standardized design degree and information are the main factors.

    Because of the low cost of color steel structure products, the improvement of standardization and belief level, the pressure of users on color steel structure construction enterprises is very great. This pressure will prompt enterprises to continuously improve management and technology level. Fourth, competition with existing enterprises in the same industry. The intensity of competition among enterprises in the steel-bonded industry of Caigang depends on competition. At present, there are more than 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the steel structure industry of Caigang. There are about 150 influential enterprises. The fifth largest enterprise is the pressure of suppliers. The pressure of the suppliers on the color steel structure industry is not obvious, which is mainly due to the fierce competition among the suppliers. 2. The life cycle of the steel structure construction industry of color steel mainly includes four stages of development: childhood, growth, maturity and bold retirement. The current characteristics of the steel structure construction industry of Caigang are as follows: the market growth rate is high, the demand is fast, the degree of technical standardization is constantly improving and tending to be finalized, the industry specifications have fallen into place, and the industry characteristics and competition situation and user characteristics have been revised. The number of competitors is obvious.

    According to these characteristics, it can be qualitatively judged that it is in the growth period. 3. The geographical environment of the steel structure construction enterprises of Caigang is analyzed. The economic development of our region is divided into three parts: the eastern coastal area, the central and Western areas, and the whole country presents the difference of regional economic gradient. The development of Caigang steel structure construction enterprises also reflects this trend. Caigang steel structure construction market first sprang up in Shanghai and Guangdong, and now it has spread all over the country, but because of the difference of morning level in different parts of the country, it reflects the regionality throughout the country, which can be summarized as five major hard plates.

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