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    In many welding parameters, the welding line energy is proportional to the welding deformation. The larger the welding line energy is, the larger the area of the desired deformation zone will be, and the larger the welding deformation will be, and vice versa. The main factors that determine the energy of welding line are the size of weld, the way of welding layers, the initial temperature of welding, and the continuity of weld. 2.3.6 For the same weldment, the same weld, different welding methods, the welding deformation of different shores is the largest, followed by manual arc welding, the smallest welding deformation is CO2 gas shielded welding in the platform steel structure welding production, different types of welding deformation is often not alone, but simultaneously, mutual. Affected. Only by comprehensively analyzing all kinds of factors affecting welding deformation and grasping its influence law, can reasonable measures be taken to control welding deformation. 3. Design measures to control welding deformation of platform steel structure. There are many types of welded joints in platform steel structure, which are more complex. If the design of joint structure is fully considered, it is more convenient to reduce the welding deformation of steel structure than to solve the problem only by welding technology.

    In the structural design of welded joints of platform steel structure, the following points should be noticed: 3.1. Minimizing the number of welds, the larger the number and size of welds in the dimension structure, the larger the heat input of welding heat source to the structure, and the larger the welding deformation. Therefore, in the design of steel-bonded truss joints, the number and size of welds should be reduced by 3.2. When the groove shape and size of welds are reasonably selected, the appropriate groove shape and size should be adopted to reduce the cross-section area of welds and the welding deformation of the structure under the condition that the structure has sufficient bearing capacity. 3.3 The position of weld seam should be equal to the neutral axis of the component section, or as close as possible to the neutral axis, which can reduce the flexural deformation of a class of steel structures such as beams and columns. 3.4 Avoiding weld concentration, bidirectional and tri-directional intersection can reduce the heat at the intersection of welds or at the concentration of welds. The high stress zone should be avoided in order to reduce welding distortion by 3.5 welding seam position.

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