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    time:2019-10-20 14:05:01

    1. Project outline The Erdos Academy of Nationalities takes the two hats of Mongolian men and women as its design concept, with a building area of 37800?, consisting of a large circle (theatre), a small circle (concert hall) and an intermediate connecting body. The steel structure is a space hyperboloid box structure, in which the box girder is a space hyperboloid spindle structure with extremely complex shape, which is the first case in China. The main steel parts are: hyperboloid mule-spinning inclined box steel column, box vertical steel column, tendon steel column, H-type straight steel beam, H-type and box ring beam, profiled steel plate, welding nails and so on. 2. Significant features and difficulties of the project 1) The project is complex in shape, with a large number and variety of components. Most of them are special-shaped components. How to divide the construction according to the structural characteristics of the project, select and arrange large vertical crane I to draw the overall construction layout of the site, such as transportation lines, component yards and site assembly sites, so as to meet both the lifting requirements and the progress requirements is a must. The key points and difficulties to be considered are to carry out optimum deepening design according to site installation scheme, to select reasonable installation sequence and to optimize the sectional position of steel inclined columns, to control the installation accuracy of curvature I spiral box type interface, so as to ensure the convenience and safety of site installation, and to minimize the amount of site hoisting and welding operations, which is the key point to be considered in this project.) When the structure is basically in an unbalanced state, there are few tie-ups with the inner cylinder. How to make the components stable and safe in the process of installation and construction and accurately locate them is a difficult problem that must be considered in this project.

    3.1 Construction method 3.1 The overall deployment of the project is based on the structural characteristics and schedule plan. The site installation of the project is mainly divided into three construction work areas. The top structure of the concert hall and the cinema hall is the construction area. The South and north sides of the theatre are divided into two construction work areas, i.e. the second and third construction areas (the layout of the zones is as follows). 3.2 Construction sequence of the project The structural form is space hyperboloid helical structure, which has poor stability during installation. It is very important to choose a reasonable installation sequence. Taking the concert hall in the construction area as an example, this paper introduces the installation sequence of this structure. The steel column network of the outer wall is obliquely intersected in two directions, assuming that one oblique rectangular pipe is oblique steel column and the other oblique rectangular pipe is oblique steel beam. The whole elevation component should consider the installation of "column base, inclined steel column, inclined steel beam and top beam" separately. Fig. 3 and C are installed together, with temporary rigid support on the other hand, flexible support is pulled according to field conditions; the overall installation sequence is in accordance with the installation sequence of base-inclined Column-Inclined beam-sporadic component.

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