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    Making Detailed Drawings for Steel Structure Processing

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-09-30 14:03:13

    1. The present situation of steel structure building envelope system is that profiled sheet was introduced from Japan to China in 1980s. After 30 years of development, great progress has been made. In recent years, the development of steel structure in our country has made rapid progress. Because of the application and development of steel structure and light steel building, the shape and various compositions of metal profiled plates are also varied, and the development momentum is rapid. Accordingly, the detailed structure of each node of the metal profiled steel sheet building envelope structure system, its matching design, product technology and construction method have also been achieved. For this purpose, China has also formulated corresponding technical documents such as "Code for Design and Construction of Molded Steel Plate" and "Standard for Molded Steel Plate for Construction", and the Ministry of Construction has entrusted China with the establishment of building standards. The Institute of Planning and Research has compiled the standard atlas of profiled steel plate, sandwich board roof and wall structure 0192506925-2 steel plate, sandwich board roof and wall structure (3) (08] 925-3) for design and construction personnel to use, but many problems have been exposed in the use process.

    Particularly serious is the waterproofing problem of large metal roofing, wall and other systems, which has not been well solved. The waterproofing design of metal roofs generally has a service life of more than 10 to 25 years. Depending on the type of surface coating, it varies. For example, when polyester is used for the remaining layer, when polyester is used for 10 years, the service life of waterproofing design is more than 15 years; when polyvinylidene fluoride is used for coating, the service life of waterproofing design is more than 25 years. At present, whether at home or abroad, the light steel color plate metal structure envelope system has been developed so far, so far, its joint system of building maintenance structure is concerned. In terms of design, the basic reason is that people fail to find a better solution, so that the non-ferrous metal structure envelope system can achieve better results. On the contrary, most of the enclosure systems of light steel color-plate buildings will be leaking. 2. The waterproofing rigidity design of the enclosure system of steel structure buildings is mainly aimed at the five parts of the building roof, the bottom of the gable, the top of the parapet, the window openings and so on. The rigidity waterproofing design of the above five parts is elaborated separately under the waterproofing rigidity design. In order to solve the waterproofing problem of roof joints in the rigid waterproofing design of roof of steel structure 21, it is necessary to select the appropriate pressed metal roof panel.

    According to the development of many years and people's requirements for the beauty and drainage of roof panels, domestic manufacturers have developed various types of panels one after another. Taking oHC-470 as an example, the roof part of the building envelope system is protected by plate type, which is characterized by beautiful appearance, large drainage cross-section (the wave height of the finished product is 7omm), 360 degree vertical occlusion lock joint, and long solidified sealant embedded in the occlusion joint, which makes the whole waterproof between different plate types, and its shape and size (see figs. 1-3 below).

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