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    Technical Requirements for Slip Installation of Steel Structures

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-09-23 16:37:21

    First, the key technical characteristics of slip method. The slip method is generally acceptable. In addition to unilateral, slip method can be used to install double or spherical space trusses with smaller bending stiffness according to lifting fulcrum (reducing span), increasing the total width of assembly service platform and increasing the total number of assemblies on lifting service platform. The motion control system and the crawling motion device of the hydraulic press can be selected as the driving equipment of the slip. Machinery and equipment automation technology level is high, the actual operation is convenient and convenient, the safety factor is good, the credibility is high, the application scope is wide, the practicability is strong. Secondly, the key technical countermeasures of slip method are as follows: 1. Construction scheme of definite engineering: definite engineering construction scheme guides engineering construction specifically, including: slip module division, assembly service platform and ropeway erection, high assembly, traction belt system software, slip slip or accumulated slip, lifting of landing frame, engineering construction inspection. Survey, emergency plan, etc.

    2. Setting up and more assembling service platform at high altitude. 3. Setting sliding track. 4. Install the software of Tongwei sliding system. 5. Testing of in-situ stress and strain force: Ensuring that engineering construction is carried out under controllable conditions. Finally, application areas: 1. When large span roof truss and steel truss structures, such as sports venues, theatres, hangars, steel overpasses (galleries), have the standard of pavement assembly and good standard of nearby supporting plates, general hoisting and technical improvement can be selected. 2. Radio and television tower steel mast wireless antenna, power plant heating furnace and other extremely high prefabricated components of the overall improvement. 3. Overall improvement of load-bearing beam, heating furnace and other equipment of large and medium gantry crane.

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