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    Steel structure anti-corrosion paint process requirements

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

    followed the development trend of China';s economic development, the scope of the application of steel frame structure is more common, and the regulations on the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of steel frame structure products are getting higher and higher in various fields. The steel frame structure is subject to long-term commitment. The tempering of sun and rain is not only the selection of anti-corrosion paints with long-term anti-corrosion properties, but also the development of effective anti-corrosion paint construction technology is an indispensable standard.

    steel structure processing anti-corrosion processing technology is a unique industry with a very common coverage. According to the current state of the art, anti-corrosion paint products have become steel frames due to their distinctive anti-corrosion properties and practical operation. The structure is highly economical in the selection of various natural environmental standards for corrosion resistance. At this stage, the world';s industrial production of anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion paints are of high quality, including alkyd, phenolic resin, isopropyl titanate vulcanized rubber, butadiene / isopropyl titanate butadiene high polymer , acrylates, inorganic silicic acids, epoxy resins, zinc silicates, polyurethane materials, ethyl silicates, acrylates, etc., can only be used as a singular topcoat, intermediate paint For paints, antifouling paints, and supporting facilities for steel structure anticorrosion under various natural environmental standards, with its beautiful and beautiful, 74071x safety, durable, stable quality, can bear all kinds of The same natural environment of corrosion, high temperature and low temperature resistance, etc., has been favored by many manufacturing industries, especially in the steel frame structure manufacturing company.  


    a steel frame structure of the surface cleaning   

       frame structure in the metal surface treatment carried out before, its surface clean-up solution, containing no seam welding splashes, no vent holes and his certain disadvantages steel structure surface clean-up included the elimination of the surface of the steel structure of vegetable oils and other chemicals.     

    II. Steel frame structure metal surface treatment   

       All steel frame structures need to be shot blasting or sandblasting before corrosion prevention to remove various kinds of waste adhering to the surface of stainless steel sheet, including: air oxidation Leather, rust, old plating, dust and vegetable oils. The metal surface treatment GB8923 specification shall be as "stainless steel sheet and the surface rust rating level before spraying rust treatment" of a predetermined level in the anti-rust treatment. After resolving the surface roughness of the surface of the steel structure should be manipulated to carry out anti-corrosion and paint 40~70 μm material in the metal surface treatment 4~8 hours, when the steel structure surface rust, once again need to carry out surface treatment of metal.      Third, the metal surface treatment steel core structure sample   

       metal surface treatment whole steel structure, construction engineering team groups to be carried out in accordance with the self predetermined metal surface treatment steel structure, when the steel structure design concept does not match the predetermined level of roughness, We need to once again carry out metal surface treatment, until the design concept in line with regulations, testing staff do a good job record before lateral to carry out anti-corrosion work.     

    Fourth, the selection of an effective anti-corrosion paint construction program   

    Five, anti-corrosion paint the whole construction process   

       steel corrosion metal surface treatment level after passing inspection, be sure to carry out within the hour 4-8 anti-corrosion finish paint job, if steel If there is floating rust on the surface of the frame structure, it is necessary to eliminate the painting work of the anti-corrosion paint behind the clean side. Responsible persons need to accurately measure the wind, temperature, environmental humidity and leak point values around the steel frame structure daily, record and make a good record. If the standard is free, this does not conform to the provisions of the anti-corrosion paint design concept, and the anti-corrosion is not allowed. Engineering construction of paint.  

        According to the natural environment of the steel frame structure, choose the appropriate anti-corrosion plan. The key hazards of air corrosion rate are: air humidity of air; environmental pollution; salt.

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