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    time:2019-10-05 08:38:25

    There are many ways to reduce the diameter of steel tube. Two unequal diameter pipes can be welded by fillet welding with ring radial stiffener. The welding seam is mainly sheared. The structure is simple and the strength is reliable. Conversion of tapered tube with variable diameter and equal strength butt welding can also be used. Specifically, it is appropriate to select the technical conditions and experience of the processing and installation units. In this project, after the transformation of the former equal-diameter pipe, the welded joints with intersecting primary and secondary pipes (unequal-diameter pipes) can be constructed and designed according to the code [12] and referring to the relevant literature [3] - [8], and the tangent joints of 2.6 times joints can be used to connect the four or five-level decorative poles with the main pipe, which belong to the non-structural joints, relatively minor. The design adopts small diameter pipe to pierce two tangential chiefs at the same time and weld with two tangential chiefs at the same time [Fig. 5]. The intersecting notch surface of rod pipe at the end of small pin pipe is to cut the e-segment on the pipe of the clamping piece, and after the pin penetrating welding, restore and repair the welding and seal the end of the pin pipe. The pipe axis of tangential joints is dislocated by one diameter, and the pin pipe is torsional. The design should pay attention to checking its torsional strength.

    The occlusion joints, i.e. the dislocation of the axis of the equal diameter pipe is less than the diameter of the pipe, and the intersection of the Cross-formed pipe and pipe is a very few special choices in the architectural effect. The design summary of 2.7 directly using occlusion intersection welding is the special requirement for the disordered space grid pipe structure in this project. Except for the special requirement of the uniform diameter D700 mm of the structural members, because all the joints intersect thousands of angles. Variety, no repetition, some of the angle is very small, resulting in the past design to avoid problems are gathered. In order to conform to the original design of Taiwanese architects, structural designers racked their brains and tried every means to achieve intersecting welded joints, avoiding cast steel joints, and achieved remarkable economic benefits to speed up the progress of the project. The main factors considered in the selection of welded and cast steel joints are as follows: Table 3: comparison of welded and cast steel joints. Finland_-STEEL software is used in the design of deepened steel structure. According to the design requirements of bar penetration and joint stiffness plate setting principles, the refinement of bar points, the design of temporary connection measures and the detailed drawing of processing are completed.

    Because of the irregular distribution of the members, the number of intersections and angles of the members are large, and there are no identical parts (Fig. 6), the batch model can not be processed by parameterized nodes in the deepening design. The large amount of manual operation is affected by the irregular three-dimensional structure of the members. It is difficult to express the spatial relationship of the members clearly in the conventional flat, vertical and sectional drawings. Therefore, the deepening design paper is added. The coordinates of key feature points, three-dimensional axonometric maps and plane position maps are included. In addition, the cross-cutting problems of various specialties must be considered in the deepening design, and the joints related to poles such as hydropower, wind (some poles are designed as ventilation pipes or pipeline pipes), curtain wall and so on should be reflected in the deepening drawing, so as to avoid the situation that the subsequent construction specialty can not carry out its work after the installation of steel components.

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